Woodville 3 play jazz. They play jazz with inspiration, joy and passion.

All three of them have huge love and respect for its traditions and values. At the same time, however they like to find their own ways of doing things: they play „Straight no chaser“ in canon shortly before being chased across the prairie by a „Cherokee“; and then Dave Brubeck tells them thrice to „Take Five“ until John Dowland pipes up with „Come Again“ to cool them back down again.

Barely seconds after having learnt to chill out to the sound-world of the Baroque, they abduct „Heidi“ from Mani Matter’s hands, whisking her away to South America, then whizz off to New York to go ice-skating with an Eskimo.

And that’s even before they’ve even started playing their own tunes, which combine what they have learnt from the masters with piles of their own flare and ideas – written to blow your mind!

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